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TCEQ Proposes Changes to Compliance History Reporting

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) approved publication of proposed changes to compliance history reporting for regulated entities on December 15, 2021. The agency proposes adding a new section (§60.4) to Chapter 60 of the Texas Administrative Code (TAC), which would “provide a process for the executive director to designate a site’s compliance history […]

The Quest for Zero: Safety Spark Plug or Trendy Gimmick?

For years, the safety community has discussed and debated the merits of a safety process that aims to eradicate all injuries, incidents, and fatalities. How reasonable is it to aim for the very pinnacle of safety achievement? Is the goal too lofty to inspire change? Could it actually hamper your efforts?

Sitting, Standing, and Moving on the Job: Get the Facts

A couple of years ago, we started hearing that “sitting is the new smoking,” an alarming claim about the potential risks of spending hours every day in a chair. This Compliance Report goes beyond the headlines to examine the risks and benefits of sitting, standing, and moving at work.