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Your Facility Could Be Exempt from SPCC Requirements

Although more than 600,000 facilities are subject to EPA’s SPCC regulations, there are certain facilities, and portions of facilities, that are exempt from the SPCC requirements. Do any of these apply to you? You are out of EPA jurisdiction. The owner or operator of any facility, equipment, or operation that is not subject to the […]

Top 10 Hazmat Violations

In its most recent data, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) had performed over 154,000 roadside inspections of trucks in 2012 targeting compliance with hazardous materials transportation regulations. During these inspections, DOT inspectors found almost 35,000 violations.

Hazmat Training Checklist for Compliance

Are you a “hazmat employer,” i.e., anyone who: Uses one or more workers to transport hazardous materials in commerce? Transports hazardous materials in commerce or causes hazardous materials to be transported or shipped in commerce? Manages packaging that is qualified for transporting hazardous materials (e.g., designs, manufactures, fabricates, inspects, marks, certifies, sells, reconditions, repairs, or […]