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When Your Neighbors Complain to EPA

When the EPA publishes a press release about an enforcement case, the release will likely contain a statement about how the Agency came to uncover the violations. Sometimes a routine inspection, sometimes a surprise inspection, but often you will find that the inspection was prompted by a citizen complaint. In essence, your neighbors are tattling […]

EMS for Higher Ed—5 Tips for Success

EMS for Higher Ed—5 Tips for Success Tip #1 — Reconnect with top administrators to ensure ongoing commitment and support. Administrators come and go so it is important to open communications with new staff, including presidents, chancellors, deans, and senior administrative and operations people. When communicating your EMS strategy, take the time to focus on […]

A Regulatory Review for Meth Lab Clean Up

A Regulatory Review for Meth Lab Clean Up The illegal manufacturing of meth is occurring nationwide in cities and towns, homes and businesses, and even in vehicles. It can be accomplished using over-the-counter drugs and household chemicals such as ammonia, solvents, muriatic acid, and even salt. Due to the variety of “recipes” for “cooking” meth, […]