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Who Will Influence President-elect Trump?

How much will Donald Trump’s energy and environmental plans for the country be influenced by what others say and want? Given that Trump has never served in a government position—and, therefore, never experienced the outside pressures commonly imposed on public servants—it is difficult to conclude that his actions will be much influenced by any group, […]

President-elect Trump on Environment and Energy

Donald Trump’s dominant victory in the presidential election in conjunction with continued Republican majorities in both houses of Congress is expected to have several levels of impact on U.S. environmental and energy policies. All impacts described are based on statements President-elect Trump has made during the months leading up to the election. Bear in mind […]

Environment and Energy in the Republican Platform

Party platforms tend to attract much attention when they are released in advance of national conventions and then diminish in value and sometimes drop out of the picture entirely as the candidates for the White House and other offices express their personal visions of how government should be operated. The writing of platforms is conducted […]