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Keys to a Successful Active Threat Plan

Violence in the workplace isn’t pleasant to think about, but recent events highlight how important it is for employers to plan for it. We have advice for building an effective “active threat” plan from security expert Jay Hart. Hart, director of Force Training Institute, leads a team of first responders, antiterrorism, cybersecurity, defensive tactics, and […]

What Type of EMS Is Best for Your Facility?

So, you have decided it is a good idea to develop an EMS—but where to begin? Let’s take a look at why an EMS might be helpful. and some different types of EMSs to help you with your choice. How can an EMS be helpful? At the most basic level, an EMS can help you […]

Leverage Safety for Business Success

Here’s expert who urges safety professionals to emphasize the connection between safety and business success. Today’s safety professionals need to be thinking about more than completing OSHA 300 logs and delivering HazCom training, says Kathy Seabrook, founder and president of Global Solutions, Inc. They also need to be sure they’re providing benefits and value that […]

Chemical Management FAQ Roundup

How do I calculate tonnage for substances under REACH? Each registrant has to calculate the yearly tonnage for the registration dossier. The yearly tonnage is calculated as the volume per manufacturer/importer per calendar year, unless stated otherwise. For phase-in substances that have been imported or manufactured for at the least 3 consecutive years, quantities are […]