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Ask the Expert: Fire Safety and Training

Today we’re getting answers from EHS Hero® experts on two questions related to fire safety and training, specifically in the use of hose stations, standpipes, and fire extinguishers. Read on to see what the experts had to say. Q: What are OSHA standards regarding hose stations and standpipes in facilities? Are employers required to train workers on […]

Warehouse fire

Safety 2019: Warehouse Fire Prevention Strategies

Does your warehouse facility have an adequate fire prevention and preparedness strategy? That was the question on attendees’ minds in the standing-room-only crowd for Tim Dietz’s and Ray Panko’s presentation on the first day of the American Society of Safety Professionals’ (ASSP) Safety 2019 Conference and Exposition, held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Fight Workplace Fires Before They Start

Each year, fire erupts at some 70,000 U.S. workplaces, killing 200 employees, injuring thousands, and causing billions of dollars in property damage. Most workplace fires are the result of human behavior rather than equipment failure, which means they can be prevented with a proactive program reinforced by training. Yesterday, we looked at the major causes […]