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Daunting, Tedious, and Critical: First Steps Classifying Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace

Every environment, health, and safety (EHS) manager is faced with the daunting and tedious task of ensuring that the hazardous chemicals in their workplace are correctly classified. And, every EHS manager is aware that the correct classification of chemicals and their hazards is the first critical step in ensuring the safety of the workers who […]

OSHA Updates Its Safety and Health Management Program Guidelines: What’s New?

OSHA has updated its voluntary Safety and Health Management Program guidelines. They’re not yet finalized; OSHA is accepting public comment on the revisions until February 15. Among the proposed revisions are new sections on program evaluation and multiemployer workplaces. A summary of the proposed changes is below. New Focus Areas for SHMP According to OSHA, […]

OSHA Wants Your 2 cents on its Safety and Health Management Program Guidelines

OSHA has proposed updates to its voluntary Safety and Health Management Program (SHMP) guidelines, which were originally published in 1989. The Agency has invited public comment on the revisions—which could eventually form the basis for an OSHA standard—but only until February 15, so get your 2 cents in now. The revisions to the guidelines were […]

Q&A: Transferring Locks Between Shifts

Recently, one of our subscribers asked the following question: I am looking for guidance on developing a lockout program where I can protect my employees from disassembled equipment while transferring the locks without having a physical hand off. Our second shift must leave equipment disassembled and locked out at midnight when they go home. We […]

Do Your Research: Protect Lab Workers from Chemical and Biological Hazards

Laboratories are dangerous places, and university laboratories have proved deadly with disturbing regularity in recent years. In 2008, for example, a lab research assistant at the University of California, Los Angeles, was killed in a flash fire. In January 2010, an explosion at Texas Tech University cost a graduate student three fingers and caused severe […]

Inspected in Poughkeepsie, Enforced in Peoria? When Will OSHA Recommend a Corporatewide Settlement Agreement?

Generally, when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspects an employer’s facility in one location, it issues citations and abatement requirements that apply only to that location. OSHA does not habitually attempt to issue citations and require abatement at facilities in other locations that are affiliated with the same employer—even in cases where repeat […]

High in the Fields: Marijuana and Pesticides

Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical use. Four of those states and D.C. have also legalized the recreational use of marijuana. A growing number of other states are considering legalization. So, how are pesticides being regulated in marijuana fields, and what are the protections for field workers from pesticides […]

Is Your Training Effective? Measure Your ROI

Your workers may be taking the training you’ve provided and doing great things—but compared to the cost of the training, just how great are they? What kind of return are you getting on your training investment? Your return on investment (ROI) answers the question, “For every dollar invested in training, how many dollars are is […]

Can Employers Use NESC to Select FR Clothing? OSHA Weighs in

In April 2014, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) revised its Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution rule (29 CFR 1910.269). The revised rule includes new requirements for estimating the heat energy that workers might be exposed to in the event of an electric arc, and how to select appropriate personal protective equipment based on […]