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Holiday Hazards: Ice and Snow Removal

It could be a long, cold winter. If your workers have to dig out, can they do it without hurting themselves? Most workers know that shoveling snow and breaking up ice can be exhausting, but they may not be aware of the extent of their risks.

Snow blower in winter

Keep Employees Safe During Outdoor Winter Work

Winter is approaching fast, and many parts of the country are already seeing snow. With the seasonal changes come the hazards of outdoor work in cold conditions, snow and ice removal, and other dangers. At its Winter Weather resource site, OSHA lists 10 common winter weather hazards that employers should train employees to recognize.

Can You Stay Connected When Disaster Strikes?

A workplace emergency or natural disaster can disrupt your business. Business continuity should be addressed in your emergency preparedness plan. One critical element of your emergency preparedness plan will be connectivity—can you stay connected with your workers and others, and can workers stay connected with their families and any necessary community resources, when disaster strikes? […]