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Are You Communicating for Maximum Value?

How well are you communicating safety? Benchmark these recommendations against your performance and share them with frontline supervisors. Establish a clear-cut, easy, nonthreatening method for employees to make safety suggestions or register safety concerns. This could be a dedicated Web page, a traditional suggestion box, or a mail slot in your office. Act promptly on […]

NIOSH Health Hazard Evaluations: Part 2

Yesterday, we began a review if NIOSH health hazard evaluations. Today, we conclude with more questions and answers. What protections are provided for employees who participate in HHE investigations? Confidentiality. If desired and noted on the HHE request form, NIOSH will not reveal to the employer the names of the persons who made the request. […]

Should You Require a Warrant Before Letting an OSHA Inspector In?

Most experts say that you should consent to OSHA inspections, but a countervailing argument says that you should require a warrant. When faced with the prospect of an OSHA inspection, you may either consent or request that OSHA obtain a search warrant prior to the inspection. According to some experts, consenting to an inspection is […]

Make Sure You’re in Compliance with Lockout Requirements

Yesterday, we focused on key aspects of OSHA’s lockout/tagout standard. Today, we conclude this quick review of written procedure and training requirements. As an employer, you are required to establish written procedures for locking out the piece of machinery or equipment that will be worked on and to provide training for all employees who might […]

OSHA Lockout/Tagout Rules: Q & A

OSHA has specific and strict rules about lockout/tagout. Today, we present some questions BLR has received about this issue and the answers BLR safety experts have given. Q. Can a duplicate key for the purpose of lock removal under LOTO be held in a secure area with a procedure in place for access to the […]

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Types of OSHA Citations and How Much They Cost

OSHA issues different types of citations, depending on the nature and severity of the violation. Penalties are proposed based on the type of violation. If you receive OSHA citations following an inspection, penalties may vary depending on the type of violations. Note, however, that in settling a penalty, OSHA says it has a policy of […]

CAUTION! Watch Out for Most Commonly Cited Lockout/Tagout Violations

What shape is your energy control program in? Are you set up for an accident-free year or are you risking citations and penalties?< The lockout/tagout regulations are perennially ranked among OSHA’s top 10 violations. Last year, for example, there were more than 3,000 violations of the standard, with penalties mounting to nearly $4 million. These […]

Trip Hazards Do’s and Don’ts

The national statistics on injuries and deaths from workplace slips, trips, and falls are disturbing. Today we’ll give you some actionable advice on keeping your workers from adding to those statistics. Slips, trips, and falls cannot be taken lightly. Consider: In one recent year, more than 800 American workers fell to their deaths. On average, […]

Lockout/Tagout Safety Essentials

It’s easy to assume that machines are safe once they have been shut down. But that assumption often leads to tragedy. Here are some key aspects of OSHA’s lockout/tagout standard that can help safeguard your workforce Veteran safety professionals know that simply turning off or unplugging a machine before maintenance, repairs, or retooling is not […]