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Waiter, There’s a Finger in My Rice Cake: Preventing Amputations

In the fall of 2014, OSHA inspected a manufacturer of rice cakes and other healthy snack products after a worker suffered an electrical injury in August 2014. While OSHA was on-site, the Agency discovered that another worker had missed 20 days of work and spent another 22 days on restricted duty after part of his […]

Safety Onboarding: A Crucial Part of an Employee’s First Few Days

Your safety onboarding program says a lot about your organization and the importance it gives to safety. Make sure your new hires are getting the right message. A new employee’s first few days on the job are a crucial time for conveying essential safety information and establishing a proper orientation to workplace safety. During that […]

Eye Safety Checklist

How many jobs in your facility could be performed by someone wearing a blindfold? Even a relatively minor eye injury can send a worker home for the day, so it makes not only safety sense but also business sense to protect workers’ eyes. March is Workplace Eye Health and Safety Month, which makes this an […]

BLR Polls Safety Professionals About Key Safety Issues

In yesterday’s Advisor, we revealed the results of some monthly Safety.BLR.com polls in which safety professionals like you responded to interesting questions about the state of safety in their facilities. Today, we continue with a review of additional polls. If you’d like to have your voice heard in upcoming Safety.BLR.com polls, join the many safety […]

Make Sure You’re in Compliance with Lockout Requirements

Yesterday, we focused on key aspects of OSHA’s lockout/tagout standard. Today, we conclude this quick review of written procedure and training requirements. As an employer, you are required to establish written procedures for locking out the piece of machinery or equipment that will be worked on and to provide training for all employees who might […]

Meet Lockout/Tagout’s ‘Fatal 5’

Make any of these 5 mistakes and not only is your lockout/tagout program in danger, so are you! Here’s a short quiz for the workers at your facility: Question: When can a simple padlock and a laminated piece of red-striped cardboard save your life?Answer: When they’re part of a well-planned lockout/tagout program. As safety professionals […]