Safety Data Sheets

Some Guidance from OSHA on SDSs and Chemical Trade Secrets

In a letter of interpretation dated August 3, 2018, U.S. OSHA’s Directorate of Enforcement Programs provided several valuable insights into the extent chemical manufacturers, distributors, or importers may make use of trade secret protections when completing safety data sheets (SDSs), formerly material safety data sheets (MSDSs).

The June 1 GHS Safety Data Sheet Deadline Has Come … and Gone. Are You Prepared for the New SDSs?

Are you ready for the new safety data sheets (SDS)? Writing for Safety.BLR.com®, Safety Editor Emily Clark has everything you need to know about the recently passed deadline and its implications. June 1, 2015, marked an important deadline in the 4-year phase-in period for OSHA’s revisions to its hazard communication standard. Effective that date, chemical […]

Cite Me Twice, Shame on Me

Sometimes it’s difficult to get a problem cleared up around your workplace. Even when OSHA cites a condition, you may have difficulty tracking it down at all of your facilities or bringing all of your equipment up to standard. It’s important to try, though—if you don’t, you could be cited for either a “repeat” violation […]

Don’t Let Your Employees Be ‘Fall Guys’

Falls hurt—and worse, they can disable or kill. Fall injuries occur in every industry, but they can be prevented or reduced in severity by the worker who is alert.

7 Steps for Getting Injured Workers Back on the Job

When an employee is out of work due to an injury or illness, it’s in everyone’s best interest to get that person back on the job safely and as soon as possible.. For employers, an effective return-to-work program can reduce workers’ compensation costs and improve employee morale and productivity. For employees, returning to work can […]

New OSHA Regulatory Agenda Suggests Change in Direction

OSHA has been actively pursuing a regulation requiring employers to establish an injury and illness prevention plan (I2P2). But the agency’s latest regulatory agenda suggests a change in direction. Although I2P2 plans are the law in many states, federal OSHA has not yet required that employers establish formal written I2P2 plans to find and fix […]