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Before You Hit the Road: Hit the Books

According to the National Safety Council, more than 35,000 Americans die each year in traffic crashes. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety estimates that aggressive driving is a factor in more than half of all fatal crashes—and one type of aggressive driving, speeding, is involved in more than 30 percent of fatal crashes, according to […]

Before You Hit the Road: Hit the Garage

It’s National Safety Month, and the National Safety Council is encouraging drivers to make transportation safety a priority. Every day, 100 people die on America’s roads. This week, we’ll look at how you can make sure your workers get there safely by taking precautions before they hit the road. Today, we’ll look at how to […]

Prescription Painkillers: Two Strategies for Easing the Pain

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 22,000 people die annually from overdoses of prescription painkillers, which now contribute to more deaths than all illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine. Workers who use prescription painkillers—particularly those in safety-sensitive positions such as operating machinery—may be at increased risk for incidents, […]

Prescription Painkillers: Two Strategies for Identifying the Problem

For much of the 20th century, opioid painkillers were primarily used to ease chronic cancer pain and relieve acute pain. In the 1990s, new formulations of opioid medications became available, leading to the steeply increased use of opioid painkillers (for example, OxyContin) for chronic pain—and to a steep increase in accidental poisoning deaths. According to […]

Overcoming the Challenges of Delivering Off-the-Job Safety Programs

by Dan Hannan, CSP An employer that only focuses on preventing workplace accidents is missing a large exposure. It’s a hard reality that the frequency of off-the-job injuries and fatalities exceed those occurring in the workplace many times over. Even though he’s not “on the job” when an employee makes home roof repairs , fails […]

Have Your Workers Take Safety Home for the Holidays

Off-the-job injuries and fatalities cost the country more than $500 billion, and cost employers more than 200 million lost workdays each year, according to the National Safety Council. And the holidays can be especially damaging, with the upswing in holiday travel and other holiday-related activities. Make sure that when the holidays are over, you get […]

In the Moment: Safety Awareness Training

Today’s Advisor gives you training information on one of the weekly themes of the National Safety Council’s (NSC) annual National Safety Month (NSM): “Be aware of your surroundings.”

Train Employees on Mobile Devices and Cloud Technologies

Many of your employees may be getting new mobile devices as gifts this year. And your organization may also be using more mobile technology in conducting your business. But are you providing enough training on mobile technologies? Today’s Advisor reports on a new infographic, which shows that administrative staffers are not being given the training […]

Are You Communicating for Maximum Value?

How well are you communicating safety? Benchmark these recommendations against your performance and share them with frontline supervisors. Establish a clear-cut, easy, nonthreatening method for employees to make safety suggestions or register safety concerns. This could be a dedicated Web page, a traditional suggestion box, or a mail slot in your office. Act promptly on […]

Can Better Communication Improve Workplace Safety?

Safety professionals focus on actions like training, recordkeeping, monitoring risks, and preparing budgets. An integral part of every action is communication—what you say and how you say it. Most people believe the goal of communication is to pass on information, but in a workplace setting the purpose is more often to achieve a desired action […]