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Near Miss Case Study: Predict Phantom Hazards to Optimize Fall Protection Equipment

An unprecedented near miss is a once-in-a-work-life occurrence for most. Although they aren’t positive experiences, they should always be used as a positive learning opportunity to eliminate future risk; the incident described within should not be treated any differently. “It’s always good to share these types of incidents. Hearing about others’ experiences provides insight and […]

Think Safety

A Near Miss Is a Safety Learning Opportunity

When there’s a near miss, how do you view it? Do you view it as a lucky break? Or do you view it as a golden opportunity? If you’re not taking the latter view, you may be missing your chance to get everyone on the same safety page.

Get It All Down with This Near-Miss Checklist

If an accident at your worksite causes a serious injury, you’re certain to hear about it. Unfortunately, at that point it’s too late to do anything but react. If you want to get a handle on hazards before someone gets hurt, you need workers to understand, report, and investigate near misses.