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No Changes for Proposed Reissuance of Pesticide General Permit

The EPA is proposing to reissue its hotly debated Pesticide General Permit (PGP) under authority of the CWA Section 402—the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES). The existing 5-year PGP expires midnight, October 31, 2016. According to the Agency, the proposed reissued PGP has the same conditions and requirements as the existing PGP. The proposal […]

Multiple Ski Areas Learn SPCC Compliance Lesson

Multiple Ski Areas Learn SPCC Compliance Lesson Over the past few years, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has reached settlements with a number of ski areas in New England communities throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. According to the EPA, the settlements “were reached under an expedited settlement program whereby EPA agreed to resolve […]

SPCC Infographic: What Type Of Plan Do You Need?

So, what’s a “qualified facility?” A qualified facility is one that meets the following Tier I or Tier II qualified facility criteria: A Tier I qualified facility is one that has no individual aboveground oil storage container with a capacity greater than 5,000 gal and that has had no single discharge of oil in harmful […]

New Year’s Resolution: Avoid Citations and Penalties!

Yesterday, we reported several big OSHA enforcement actions with costly price tags for the employers cited. Today, we’ll review a couple more big-dollar cases involving willful, repeat, and serious violations. Ohio Steelmaker Faces More Than 500K in Proposed Fines A steelmaker in Lorain, Ohio, faces $563,000 in proposed fines for inadequate lockout/tagout procedures and for […]