Tag: New Source Performance Standards

EPA Proposes Sell-Through Extension for Wood Heaters

Responding to concerns expressed by retailers of certain residential woodburning heaters, the EPA is proposing to provide these entities time to sell these devices beyond what was allowed in the Agency’s 2015 amendments to its New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) covering a range of heaters.

Monitoring Changes Issued for O&G GHG Reporting

In a final rule revision, the EPA has provided petroleum and natural gas facilities (Part 98, Subpart W) subject to the Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP) with a burden-reduction option for detecting GHG leaks from equipment. The amendment would allow Subpart W reporters to use monitoring methods for detecting leaks from oil and gas […]

Emergency Exemption Issued for Stationary Engines

Under a new federal rule effective September 6, 2016, owners and operators of stationary diesel engines—formally compression ignition internal combustion engines (CI ICEs)—may, in an emergency, temporarily override systems in those engines intended to force the use of emissions control devices.