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New OSHA Regulatory Agenda Suggests Change in Direction

OSHA has been actively pursuing a regulation requiring employers to establish an injury and illness prevention plan (I2P2). But the agency’s latest regulatory agenda suggests a change in direction. Although I2P2 plans are the law in many states, federal OSHA has not yet required that employers establish formal written I2P2 plans to find and fix […]

8 Tips For Safer Shiftwork

For workers whose body clocks are constantly disrupted due to irregular work schedules, drowsiness on the job can be a major safety issue.

Convey the Right Safety Information About Conveyors

Yesterday, we reviewed safe stacking procedures. Today, we focus on another important safety dimension of safe material handling and storage—conveyors. Employees should be familiar with these basic safety rules for working with and around conveyors: Keep conveyors clean at all times. Know the capacity of the conveyor system to prevent overloading. Inspect conveyors on a […]

Defensive Driving Tips for Your Employees

Your defensive driving program should stress how to avoid collisions and how to drive safely in the dark. Collisions are a major cause of injury and death in traffic accidents. The main types of collisions are: Head-on collisions Hit from behind Hitting the driver in front Side collisions Two-car collisions are among the most common […]

OSHA’s Position on Temps and Safety

Yesterday, we provided tips for keeping temporary employees safe. Today, we look at OSHA’s view on host employer vs. temp agency responsibility for the safety of temps. “Host employers need to treat temporary workers as they treat existing employees,” says OSHA chief Dr. David Michaels. “Temporary staffing agencies and host employers share control over the […]

Social Media for Safety Professionals

Yesterday, we talked about mobile apps for safety professionals. Today, we focus on potential benefits of social media. Pam Walaski, certified safety professional and regional manager for EHS services at Compliance Management International, says that social media have had a significant impact on the safety profession. She cites three main impacts: 1. Professional development and […]

Safer Chemicals: OSHA Outlines the Benefits

Yesterday, we outlined the steps in the process of transitioning to safer chemicals. Today, we review reasons why using safer chemicals whenever possible is a good idea. American workers use tens of thousands of chemicals every day. While many of these chemicals are suspected of being harmful, only a small number are regulated in the […]

Innovative Safety Ideas: Part 2

Yesterday, we explained how Cintas® Corporation is making workers safer by innovating. Today, we introduce you to another VPP worksite where innovative programs are also improving safety performance. Morton Salt’s Grantsville, Utah, facility is one of the company’s four worksites to have earned VPP Star status. About 10 years back, the Grantsville plant had received […]