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BLR Polls Safety Professionals About Key Safety Issues

In yesterday’s Advisor, we revealed the results of some monthly Safety.BLR.com polls in which safety professionals like you responded to interesting questions about the state of safety in their facilities. Today, we continue with a review of additional polls. If you’d like to have your voice heard in upcoming Safety.BLR.com polls, join the many safety […]

Supervisors’ Safety Responsibilities

Supervisors play a key role in workplace safety. According to Oregon OSHA, supervisors have five main safety responsibilities. It identifies these in its Safety and the Supervisor training instruction guide. Provide safety training. Training must create awareness of safe behavior, teach required skills for working safely, increase knowledge by providing accurate, up-to-dater information about workplace […]

Help Employees Keep Safe This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but it’s also a time to keep safe. Encourage your employees to be safety-minded during the holidays at home and on the road. You want your employees to be safe at work, of course, but statistics show that they’re far more likely to be injured or killed off the […]

Jack Up Your Pallet Jack Safety Program

A pallet jack is meant to help workers handle heavy loads safely. Think how easily workers could be injured if they tried to move the same materials without the assistance of a pallet jack. However, if they don’t use the equipment safely, they can be injured just as easily. Pallet jacks clearly aren’t as dangerous […]