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UST Amendments—What You Need to Know About Training

Who Will Be Paying the Compliance Costs? The EPA estimates $160 million in annual compliance costs for the final UST regulation. Motor fuel retailers, which account for roughly 80 percent of UST systems, are expected to bear approximately 70 percent of the total costs. Previously deferred tanks—emergency generator tanks, airport hydrant fuels distribution systems, and […]

Proposed UST Operator Training Program Elements

Proposed UST Operator Training Program Elements EPA’s proposed UST regulatory revisions encompass many aspects of UST systems, including extensive changes to the requirements for UST operator training, as we discussed yesterday. Although EPA’s intention is to require operator training that is consistent with the grant guidelines for states under the Energy Policy Act, the Agency […]

Highlights of Expanded UST Operator Training

Highlights of Expanded UST Operator Training The Energy Policy Act of 2005 amended Subtitle I of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), which is the federal statute authorizing the UST program. One of the provisions is UST operator training that is required for all states receiving Subtitle I funds, whether the state is approved to […]

Evaluating Fiberglass Underground Storage Tanks

Indications of Possible Tank Issues Mr. Hoffman cited the following as indications of possible problems with USTs: •  Filter clogging     -Complaints of slow flow     -Examine for presence of fiberglass residue/debris •   Failed or erratic leak detection results     -Automatic test gauging (ATG) system or statistical inventory reconciliation (SIR) test results     -Perhaps intermittent •   […]

Common Underground Storage Tank Violations

To attempt to collect data systematically and have each state fit their data into several categories To request the number of occurrences for each violation To request the number of inspections on which the data was based The data was based on approximately 100,000 inspections with a significant operational compliance (SOC) rate of approximately 72%. […]

UST Operator Training

In this Environmental Daily Advisor video, Advisor editor Kelly Lagana talks with Nancy Teolis about EPA’s UST Operator Training Deadline for August 2012. Nancy Teolis is the editor for USTs, Pesticides, TSCA, and other topics for BLR’s environmental compliance content.