Keys to a Successful Active Threat Plan

Violence in the workplace isn’t pleasant to think about, but recent events highlight how important it is for employers to plan for it. We have advice for building an effective “active threat” plan from security expert Jay Hart. Hart, director of Force Training Institute, leads a team of first responders, antiterrorism, cybersecurity, defensive tactics, and […]

Important International Regulations for 2012

According to Ana, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) says industry should start preparing for the next big REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and restriction of Chemicals) registration deadline. Companies manufacturing or importing chemicals in Europe—in quantities at or above 100 tons per year—are required to register such substances with ECHA by May 31, 2013. Enhance the […]

Environmental Daily Advisor 2012 Compliance Outlook

In this Environmental Daily Advisor video, Advisor editor Kelly Lagana interviews Clare Condon, managing editor of compliance content at BLR. Questions discussed include the current regulation outlook, as well as environmental regulations EHS managers should expect to see proposed or finalized in 2012.

Chemical Management FAQ Roundup

How do I calculate tonnage for substances under REACH? Each registrant has to calculate the yearly tonnage for the registration dossier. The yearly tonnage is calculated as the volume per manufacturer/importer per calendar year, unless stated otherwise. For phase-in substances that have been imported or manufactured for at the least 3 consecutive years, quantities are […]


If no one in your supply chain purchases materials from EU suppliers or exports to the EU, there is no REACH impact on your business–yet. But, don’t think other countries or U.S. states won’t adopt copycat legislation as has been done with other laws. China is already developing China REACH. Be prepared. Roles Under REACH […]

How REACH Affects You

Here is an overview of some important aspects of REACH that may affect YOU. What is REACH? Fundamentally, REACH shifts the burden-responsibility and costs-to the private sector, your business, to demonstrate that the chemicals you produce, use, and place on the market in large quantities are safe for humans and the environment. This is referred […]