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Bill Halts Guidance on ‘Federally Regulated Waters’

Following are key points made in the draft guidance in three critical areas–significant nexus, tributaries, and adjacent wetlands. Significant Nexus To evaluate the presence or absence of a significant nexus, the agencies intend, as a general matter, to consider: •              Waters similarly situated with waters of the same resource type, specifically tributaries, adjacent wetlands, or […]

Listed Waste FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about EPA’s listed hazardous wastes. Acute Hazardous Wastes Q. What RCRA hazardous wastes are classified as "acute" hazardous wastes? A. Hazardous wastes listed in accordance with the criteria in 40 CFR 261.11(a)(2) are designated as "acute" hazardous wastes. Acute hazardous wastes are assigned the hazard code (H) (40 CFR […]

Lists of Hazardous Wastes You Should Know

1. Ignitability, 2. Corrosivity, 3. Reactivity, or 4. Toxicity The second way to tell if a waste is hazardous is if it is included on a specific list of wastes EPA has determined are hazardous. These “listed wastes” are placed on a list because EPA finds them to pose substantial present or potential hazards to […]

Equipment Leak Violations– Numerous and Costly

A related challenge is faced by government inspectors who must determine compliance with LDAR requirements under several Clean Air Act (CAA) programs and assess penalties in a rational fashion.  In September 2012, the EPA revised Appendix VI of its Stationary Source Civil Penalty Policy (General Policy), which advises inspectors on calculating settlement penalties for violations […]