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OSHA? DOT? Who’s in Charge of Trucker Safety?

If your organization employs workers who drive as part of their job responsibilities, you’re already aware of the complex web of regulations that apply. Today we review some guidelines for determining whether OSHA or DOT regulations take precedence, and a tool that will help ensure that your truck-driving workers comply with applicable regulations and safety […]

Skin Protection: What Employers Must Do

Yesterday we saw how frequent hand washing may lead to a higher incidence of contact dermatitis (an irritation of the skin caused by chemicals). We turn now to the larger issue of skin protection in general, and look at a resource that explains your legal obligations as well as best practices for limiting occupational skin […]

Get the Most from your Safety Committee

Yesterday’s Advisor explored steps you can take to ensure your employees take safety training seriously. Today we look at elements of a strong safety culture—including safety committees—and an audio conference that will help you get the most out of yours. OSHA has proclaimed that developing a strong safety culture has “the single greatest impact on […]

Is Your Safety Training a Joke?

Do your employees take your safety training seriously? Our Safety Training Tips editor tells you how to get your workers to take heed. It Starts at the Top Getting employees to take safety training seriously begins with management taking it seriously. If management’s attitude toward training is that it’s an expensive nuisance and something the […]

OSHA Compliance: Does it INTERFERE With Safety?

OSHA spends millions to promote safety. But some say their efforts produce just the opposite by diverting resources to compliance that could be used in injury prevention. Which side of the controversy are you on? OSHA is one of Washington’s most established agencies, with an extensive program, a half-billion dollar budget, and 2,000 employees, all […]

Healthcare Workers: What’s Being Done to Protect Their Health?

The nation’s 13.5 million healthcare workers look out for us, but what’s being done to protect them? Here are some ideas and strategies. In this election year, we’re hearing about “health care” almost as much as about ”change.” But while the candidates are pushing plans to improve things for patients, perhaps they should spend some […]

Tips To Give Your Shift Workers a More Normal Life

Shift work doesn’t have to make workers sick. Here are some tips to make their lives easier, suggested by shift workers themselves, and a program to improve the health of all your employees. As yesterday’s Advisor noted, some 20 percent of employees work the night shift. While that makes it possible for organizations to run […]

Getting ‘Caught in a Pinch’ Can Be Fatal

Having your body caught between the moving parts of a machine is both terrifying and dangerous. Here are ideas OSHA and others have provided to prevent it. South Florida refuse collection truck mechanic Raul Figueroa was working on a truck when somehow the ram arm that lifts Dumpsters to the bin became actuated. The arm […]

How to Shed Those Holiday Pounds … and Get That Diet Back on Track!

Each Friday, Safety Daily Advisor will present one of a series of Safety Training Tips to share with your employees. This one explains how to win at staying healthy by losing that holiday-caused extra poundage. If your employees are like a lot of people, they’ve put on a few pounds over the holidays. Right about […]

Keep Safety in the Forefront–Even After Training

Team up to solve problems and improve safety. One excellent way to keep safety in the forefront is to encourage employee participation in improving workplace safety and promoting safety and health programs. And one of the best ways to do that is through the work of safety committees. You can also encourage involvement by setting […]