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What’s the Best Way to Figure Out Whether a Chemical Is Classified as ‘Hazardous’?

Experts at Enviro.BLR.com® were recently asked the best way to determine what chemicals are considered “hazardous” when creating a hazard communication plan. Would you know which chemicals would be classified as such, specifically when it comes to cleaning supplies? Read on to learn more about the question and how it was answered by the experts.

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As an Industrial Supply Company, What Do I Need to Add to My Hazcom Inventory?

Complete Question: I am developing an updated hazardous material inventory for my Hazard Communication (HazCom) program. We are a industrial supply/hardware supply company that maintains an inventory of paints, thinners, lubricants, and cleaners etc. The employees do not use these substances, but do handle them from receiving, to the shelf, to the customer. What should be […]

Clearing Up Confusion About EPCRA Responsibility

Defining responsibility for EPCRA compliance on a site can often lead to questions that apply only to that particular situation or event. One such situation is that of chemicals brought on a site by contractors hired to perform work and where reporting responsibility lies—with the facility owner/operator or with the contractor. According to the Environmental […]

Clearing Up Confusion About EPCRA Exemptions

One of the most confusing exemptions under EPCRA is that for “routine agricultural use” (Section 311(e)(5)) under Sections 311 and 312, which cover Safety Data Sheet (SDS) reporting and Tier I/Tier II Inventory reporting, respectively. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the exemption is “designed to eliminate the reporting of fertilizers, pesticides, and other […]