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Stormwater: Who Is a ‘Qualified’ Person?

In the world of stormwater, certain “qualified” professionals have hefty responsibilities, such as conducting facility inspections, monitoring, and developing and certifying the stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP). But, what does it really mean to be a qualified professional? Often, in National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) stormwater permits, there is language referring to a qualified […]

Communication: Tips for (Construction Stormwater) Compliance

At the most recent 2016 StormCon conference, thousands of stormwater enthusiasts infiltrated the city of Indianapolis eager to learn the tricks of the trade. Stormwater professionals from construction, industry, and municipalities all sought information on how to better their respective stormwater programs and to teach others the hard lessons learned.

What are the Pros and Cons of Low-Impact Development?

Thinking about trading impermeable parking lot pavement for green space with planters or bioswales? Low-impact development (LID) can be a lucrative option for new development, urban retrofitting, and redevelopment projects wanting to invest in LID as a stormwater management tool. Sure, saving money while simultaneously managing stormwater sounds ideal, but is it?

EPA Decides Not to Develop Stormwater Rules from Forest Roads

Complying with a court order, the EPA has published in the Federal Register a decision to not develop federal regulations to control the runoff of stormwater from forest roads. According to the Agency, there are a wide range of state regulatory programs, federal assistance programs, and best management practice (BMP) certification organizations that collectively have […]

How to Create a Successful Construction Stormwater SWPPP

Sediment and soil runoff from improperly managed construction sites can greatly contribute to surface water degradation and cause detrimental impacts to aquatic life. To minimize the impacts to surface water quality, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the states require that construction projects of a certain size follow stormwater regulations. One such regulatory measure […]

Green Infrastructure—How Can It Affect Your Operations?

If your community is tasked with bucking up its efforts to stem the flow of stormwater, you may be asked (let’s face it, required), to better manage stormwater at your facility. This could be more or less costly depending on how you choose to tackle the problem. Today we will discuss green infrastructure as a […]

8 Issues Your City or Town May Look for in Partnering for Stormwater Control, cont.

Outreach. A CBP3 requires timely communication on progress, feedback, and forward planning. Key outreach points a municipality must consider include: Effective and well-documented transparency and participation; Opportunities for stakeholders, property owners, businesses, and institutions to become partners in planning and implementation; Access for stakeholders to all relevant documents, plans, meetings, and reports; Measurement and evaluation […]