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TRI Reporting Due Soon

President Obama’s Omnibus Appropriations Act rescinded EPA’s TRI Burden Reduction Rule of 2006. The Act requires that all reports on PBT chemicals (chemicals and chemical categories of “special concern”) be submitted on Form R, the more detailed form. For all other chemicals, the shorter Form A may be used only if the annual reporting amount […]

TRI Exemptions—What You Don’t Have to Report

Use Exemptions Certain uses of listed toxic chemicals are exempt: Use as a structural component of the facility. Use in routine janitorial or facility grounds maintenance (including phenol in bathroom disinfectants and pesticides in lawn care products). Listed chemicals used in facility equipment maintenance and cleaning or maintenance activities that are integral to the production […]

TRI and Waste Management-Understanding Key Definitions

Waste management is included under the TRI definition of toxic chemicals that are otherwise used, which refers to activities that are not manufacturing or processing. TRI requires that subject facilities report releases and other waste management of listed chemicals. Facilities must also report transfers of toxic chemicals for waste management to off-site locations. Waste management […]