What’s Significant About TSCA’s Significant New Use Rule

Premanufacture notices SNURs are directly connected and sometimes identical to TSCA premanufacture notices (PMN) consent orders the EPA develops for new chemicals.  Through PMN consent orders, the EPA imposes conditions and restrictions on the manufacture, processing, and distribution in commerce of new chemicals.  After development of a PMN consent order, the EPA will issue an […]

Expert Weighs In On What EPA Will Be Doing with TSCA in 2012

In 2012, EPA will continue to require manufacturers and processors of existing chemicals to test their chemicals for health and environmental effects and submit the data to the Agency. Chemicals produced in annual volumes above 1 million pounds are considered High Production Volume or “HPV” chemicals. This subset of HPV chemicals is the main focus […]

Environmental Daily Advisor 2012 Compliance Outlook

In this Environmental Daily Advisor video, Advisor editor Kelly Lagana interviews Clare Condon, managing editor of compliance content at BLR. Questions discussed include the current regulation outlook, as well as environmental regulations EHS managers should expect to see proposed or finalized in 2012.