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Universal Waste Lamp Training: Storage, Handling, and Labeling

Examples of lamps that have a hazardous component include: Fluorescent tubes and bulbs and high-intensity discharge lamps Neon and mercury vapor lamps High-pressure sodium and metal halide lamps Despairing ever getting your employees trained? It isn’t easy to fit it in—schedule-wise or budget-wise—but now there’s the Environmental Compliance Library from Employee Training Center. Train all […]

Recharge Your Universal Waste Battery Training

Handling Batteries Safely Although containment for “dry” batteries would seem simple, improper or “rough” handling can damage the casing and cause leakage of the contents. Teach your workers to know how to ensure that the casing of each individual battery cell is not breached and remains intact and closed. They should know to report any […]

What to Expect in the World of Waste for 2012

In November 2011, EPA closed public comment on a rule concerning the disposal of coal combustion residuals from electricity-producing facilities, first proposed in 2010. EPA is considering two possible options for the management of coal ash. Under the first proposal, EPA would list these residuals as special wastes subject to regulation under Subtitle C of […]

Universal Waste Lamps: Working Out a Recycling Program

Step 6: Create Procedures for Managing Broken Lamps The easiest way to do this is to protect lamps from breakage. Remove lamps carefully and store used lamps in a location and manner that will prevent breakage. Step 7: Decide How You’re Going to Get the Lamps to the Recycler There are several options to consider […]

Universal Wastes FAQ Roundup

What are the regulations for taping/protecting the ends of batteries when preparing them for shipment/disposal? There are no requirements under EPA‘s Universal Waste regulations for taping/protecting the ends of batteries when preparing them to be sent offsite as universal waste. However, a handler of universal wastes (which includes the generator) may manage broken or damaged […]