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Do Your Research: Protect Lab Workers from Physical and Safety Hazards

Laboratory workers may know that they need to be careful about the chemical and biological hazards they work with, but do they know that the tools they use to work with these substances can also put them at risk of injury? Here’s what you can do to protect workers from the physical and safety hazards […]

EPA’s Top 10 Tools for Saving Energy This Winter

#1 Maintain your heating equipment to lower utility bills. EPA estimates home heating and cooling costs account for about $1,000. Maintaining the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system can have a big effect on your utility bills. So schedule an HVAC checkup with a licensed HVAC contractor to make sure your system is operating at […]

Quick Guide to Training Requirements for Oil & Gas

If you are in the business of oil and gas you need to know that OSHA’s got a long list of standards just for you–and this includes training requirements. Because of the specific hazards involved with the oil and gas industry there are many areas you’ve got to cover with your workers. Here are the […]