Faces of EHS: Amandeep Beesla on Mental Health and the Impact of COVID-19

Amandeep Beesla has over 20 years of onsite field experience in heavy industrial construction, civil road building, winter drilling, open-pit mining, live process plants, SAGD sites, and transportation and trucking. She has worked in the oil and gas field industry in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Washington State on international projects as part of a global team in a safety capacity.

Currently, she works as the Director of Safety Insight & Innovation for Salus Technologies, a safety management software company focused on connecting businesses to field workers for increased compliance in the construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, and mining industries.

For our latest Faces of EHS profile, we sat down with Amandeep to discuss the importance of mental health and how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the EHS industry. Tune in to hear her insights.