2020 Trends for EHS

Free Webinar: 2020 Trends for EHS

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As we enter the new year, what safety, health, and environmental initiatives will come to fruition or be launched by OSHA and EPA? How will Congress act to address pending legislation covering EHS issues from workplace violence to heat stress, OSHA reform to funding initiatives? What changes are on the horizon for OSHA rules covering hazard communication, forklifts, walking working surfaces, and others? How will President Trump’s executive orders affect EHS operations? Will there be a final deregulatory push before the elections?

Join us on January 30th for this free webinar, presented by Adele Abrams, an experienced EHS attorney and safety professional. This webinar will cover all of these issues as well as provide an update on OSHA/MSHA enforcement trends, new emphasis programs, and pending changes to definitions of “joint employer” that can impact franchises and multi-employers in the future.

You’ll learn:

  • Which national emphasis programs will OSHA be acting on in 2020
  • How OSHA and MSHA plan to implement their regulatory agenda items this year
  • What regulatory changes to expect from EPA in 2020?
  • What changes could be made to OSHA’s criminal liability provisions and whistleblower protections under Section 11(c) and Part 1904
  • Which types of inspections are now most common, and how OSHA is implementing its revised Site-Specific Targeting Program
  • Under what conditions MSHA’s workplace examination rule may apply to employers who normally fall under OSHA jurisdiction – and what’s required

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