Audiological Review in OSHA-Compliant Occupational Hearing Testing Programs

Free Webinar: Audiological Review in OSHA – Compliant Occupational Hearing Testing Programs

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Join us on March 3rd, as we interview Renée Lefrançois, one of the in-house Audiologists at SHOEBOX Ltd. In her role, Renée acts – in part – as an advisor to the SHOEBOX Reviewer Network; an international team of licensed Audiologists available to help businesses meet their OSHA and MSHA compliance requirements. The Reviewer Network offers businesses a clear path of referral to a regionally licensed Audiologist for rapid review of their occupational hearing testing results.

The role of the reviewer is a vital one in occupational hearing testing. And establishing a relationship with a regionally licensed reviewer is key to ensuring – and maintaining – your compliance requirements. It is not enough to just do the test. You need qualified individuals who can review and analyze, then make determinations, recommendations, and next steps.

Renée has vast experience and a keen understanding of the role of the Audiologist in a successful, compliant occupational hearing testing program. She’s excited to share her insights with all of you.

You will learn:

  • The role of the reviewer in an OSHA-compliant Occupational Hearing Testing Program
  • How the relationship between the employer and the reviewer is usually established and maintained
  • The qualifications or certifications a reviewer requires
  • The specific services that the reviewer provides
  • The process the reviewer typically follows in order to provide their services
  • The advantages of using an International Reviewer Network

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