Create a Vibrant Safety Culture – The Key to Reducing Your Injury and Accident Costs

Free Webinar: Create a Vibrant Safety Culture – The Key to Reducing Your Injury and Accident Costs

Date: Thursday, March 09, 2017

Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

Staying safe at work may seem like second nature. However, establishing a strong and active safety culture requires effort from all ends. It’s worth the effort because it can have a positive impact on your business.
A vibrant safety culture can lead to lower absence rates, lower insurance premiums, less injuries, improved productivity and happier employees. But it’s also vital that employees get involved in their safety program for it to be a success. Overcoming apathy—one of the leading reasons employees don’t get involved with their safety program (or work safety)—is an ongoing process that’s worth pursuing because it affects your employees’ wellbeing and your company’s overall performance.

Join us for a free webinar on March 9 led by safety expert, trainer and coach, Richard Hawk. He’ll show you what it takes to create a vibrant safety culture and how you can establish on that will benefit your business.

You’ll learn:

  • Proven methods to increase employee engagement that leads to a more vibrant safety culture
  • How to maximize your personal impact and influence as a safety leader
  • Seven proven ways to reduce apathy, which can blur employees’ focus and block their attention
  • How to market and sell the benefits of your safety program to employees
  • Strategies to inspire and motivate employees to be proud of their safe behavior
  • Techniques that will add new life to your safety meetings and safety marketing efforts
  • How to use your personal power to influence employees to work safely on and off the job