Impairment or Under the Influence: Legal Drug Use in the Workplace

Impairment or Under the Influence: Legal Drug Use in the Workplace 

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As more states legalize traditionally illegal substances, some people may question why employees’ use of a “legal” substance should be monitored. Being “under the influence” may seem the same as being “impaired,” but understanding the difference between these two key terms can greatly impact the way business is conducted, including how policies are written.

This live webinar will look at the differences between “under the influence” and “impairment” and recommend how to address them in a drug and alcohol testing policy.


Join us and learn:

  1. The current state of marijuana law and the difference between impaired and under the influence.   
  1. Differentiate opioids from opiates to better understand how their use, abuse, and misuse can affect the workplace.  
  1. Review how alcohol is still the most abused drug, and how impaired versus under the influence of alcohol can impact the workplace.  
  1. Explain how to talk to employees about substance abuse and its impact on the workplace.  
  1. Identify the benefits testing methodology and how to make a drug and alcohol testing policy legally defensible.   

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