It Could Happen Here: 2019 Workplace Disasters and the Risks to Your Organization

Free Webinar: It Could Happen Here: 2019 Workplace Disasters and the Risks to Your Organization



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As safety professionals, we pay close attention to newsworthy workplace disasters. Just this year, 2019 has had many workplace disasters including explosions at refineries, crane collapses, and confined space tragedies. It’s easy to assume that these types of tragic incidents could not occur in your organization – after all, you have a strong safety culture and plenty of policies and procedures and training in place. But the top leaders in your organization may be using outdated metrics like “days without injuries” and in that sense, celebrating complacency. You may witness shortcuts and quick fixes taken by employees and supported by leadership. This proves that there is room for improvement to help mitigate future risks.

Examining these workplace disasters and recognizing the precursors and risk factors that were present can help you convince your organization’s leaders and associates that serious injuries, fatalities, and newsworthy disasters can occur in your organization—and that you need to take proactive steps to prevent them.

Join us for a free webinar on September 26th with Camille Oakes. In this webinar, you’ll examine the recent newsworthy disasters and discuss the commonalities that exist between them. Furthermore, you’ll examine whether these risk factors are present your organization. You’ll discuss how to take a system safety approach to your workplace and mitigate your highest risks. You can then use this information and trending to engage your leadership and associates.

Attendees will:

  • Discuss several 2019 workplace disasters
  • Identify common precursors and risk factors that exist between these workplace disasters
  • Analyze what went wrong and what went right in these incidents
  • Review OSHA Fatality Data for 2019 and examine its implications for you
  • Gain insight into the basics of system safety hazard analysis
  • Determine the risk factors that may exist in your organization based on the investigations of these disasters
  • Formulate a plan to use these serious incidents to engage your organization and take proactive steps to prevent a disaster

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