Medical Marijuana & Safety: Do You Know the Ropes?

Free Webinar: Medical Marijuana & Safety: Do You Know the Ropes?

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By the end of 2018, 33 states and DC had legalized medical marijuana use for qualifying patients, resulting in many employers now having workers who use it for a variety of conditions, some of which are protected under the ADA. OSHA also entered the compliance mix, releasing its new policy on drug testing of injured workers.

Understanding the evolving case law, which now offers more protection of workers and applicants and places more burdens on employers to justify “zero tolerance” approaches, is critical to keeping a workplace safety while staying out of court. In addition to a company’s own employees, the increasing use of third party workers (temporaries, contractors, and day laborers) can also present challenges in maintaining a drug-free workplace. There’s also the elephant in the room: quantifying impairment for purposes of safety management.

This program will explore the various ramifications of medical marijuana legalization from a workplace safety perspective and will also address the interlocking HR issues. Join us on February 21st with Adele Abrams as she addresses a variety of aspects to medical marijuana in the workplace, from OSHA to ADA, as well as worker’s comp management, including the use of medical cannabis as an alternative to opioid treatment.

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