New Playbook for Conflict De-Escalation

Complimentary On-Demand Webinar: New Playbook for Conflict De-Escalation

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Does anyone in your workforce have the skillset for effective conflict de-escalation?

Part art form & part behavioral science, true conflict de-escalation expertise is difficult to find, yet critically important for all organizations.

Here’s your chance to build competency in this often undervalued area of occupational health & safety ahead of the new year.

Hosted by Vivid’s Chief Safety Officer Jill James and special guest (very special), we’ll walk you through the most effective current strategies for conflict de-escalation used by top professionals.

Join us as we help you build modern conflict de-escalation skills in support of your organizational mission.

This webcast is for anyone in a safety role looking for help with…

  •          Effective Use of De-Escalation Strategies
  •          Tension Reduction Techniques
  •          Safe Approach
  •          Determining When & How to Get Help
  •          Recognizing Signals of Crisis
  •          Risk Assessment & Planning
  •          Fresh Ideas for Training

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  • OSHA Required vs. Best Practice Training Checklist
  • Free Safety Culture Support Resources
  • Slide Deck & Recording of the Webcast
  • Custom Compliance Report Opportunity

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