OSHA in 2019: Enforcement, Rulemaking & Legislation

Free Webinar: OSHA in 2019 – Enforcement, Rulemaking & Legislation

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Despite the commencement of the Trump Administration in 2017, changes at OSHA have slow to arrive, but that may not be the case in 2019. There are changes being made to enforcement priorities (including reinstatement of the site-specific targeting), new emphasis programs, and action on the 2018 agenda that includes several small business panels.

In addition, with the change in Congress, expect OSHA oversight hearings, follow-up on recent GAO reports, and scrutiny over revisions to the VPP. We will also see new legislative initiatives, including measures addressing workplace violence, combustible dust, heat stress, and enhanced criminal penalties. Recent federal court decisions will affect multi-employer worksites, and increased enforcement of certain general industry standards in construction may be expected.

Join us on January 29th with Adele Abrams as she provides an update on the new initiatives within OHSA and those being promoted within Congress.

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