OSHA Training Compliance: Do You Have What It Takes?

Free Webinar: OSHA Training Compliance: Do You Have What It Takes?

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OSHA has hundreds of training requirements, some of which are hidden within other standards. The documentation requirements also vary considerably in terms of what must be included, and how records are maintained. Properly provided and documented training can make the difference between a violation being classified as “willful” with a $129,336 penalty, or even leading to criminal prosecution.

Join us on October 24th as Adele Abrams, a skilled safety professional and attorney, provides an overview of OSHA’s most commonly cited training standards and reviews the best practices for provision of training and documentation.

You’ll learn:

  • Which are the most common training standards cited by OSHA, and what the requirements are
  • How OSHA gauges effective training, and the agency’s push for multi-lingual training in some circumstances
  • What to do to avoid criminal prosecution for documentation fraud
  • How to effectively manage training requirements in multi-employer workplaces
  • When to priviledge documents and how to manage document requests from OSHA in accident, discrimination or hazard complaint situations

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