Ripple Effect: Exploring serious occupational injuries and fatalities for positive change

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They happen each day, those occupational injuries that forever alter the lives of workers, families, and businesses. We know that a simple failure to lock and tag, or wear protective gear, can have serious consequences. Yet how far does the impact of these incidents carry? And if these tragic events hold the promise to affect change, how do you, as a safety professional, seize it?

Vivid’s Chief Safety Officer Jill James explores the aftermath of serious occupational injuries and fatalities, and shares lessons on using case studies to change behaviors, effective safety advocacy, and finding meaning and motivation for safety professionals

You’ll learn:

  • How to leverage case studies for organizational change
  • Identifying and correcting gaps in safety policy
  • Finding options for broader advocacy

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Your Speaker: Jill James, Chief Safety Officer – Vivid Learning Systems