Safety & Technology: a Look at the Future of Safety in the Field

Complimentary Webinar: Safety & Technology: a Look at the Future of Safety in the Field

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In this webinar, attendees will learn how technology in the field positively affects work site safety. Based on a survey of more than 500 safety professionals, this webinar will examine the draw of using digital tools, and how they help enhance safety and productivity in the field.

From illegible handwriting and to coffee spills, to inaccurate or time-consuming data entry, safety workflows relying on paper forms fall victim to a number of inefficiencies. When dealing with safety in the field, inefficiencies translate into injuries and diminished productivity. Digital workflows not only mitigate these faults, but can be designed to pre-emptively alert teams when accidents may happen.

Rich data, accuracy and real-time responses are just the beginning of crafting workflows that trigger proactive responses to safety concerns. Discover how introducing technology in the field means less accidents and faster responses, and so enables higher productivity, lower costs, and a better quality of service in the field.

What registrants will learn:

  • The shortfalls of paper
  • Safety & technology trends in the field
  • What tools are included in a digital toolbox
  • How workflows are improved by going digital
  • How digital forms improve safety in the field

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