Safety Training 2016: Educating and Protecting Your Workforce

Complimentary  ON-Demand Webinar – Safety Training 2016: Educating and Protecting Your Workforce

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We all know that training is key to the success of any safety program. But what’s the best way to train for real impact? When should training be done? Who should facilitate the training? Who should receive the training? What resources are available, and which of these resources are the best?

We surveyed 827 respondents from a wide variety of job roles, industries, and company sizes to get you the answers. In this webinar, you’ll see the real-world opinions of EHS professionals on the following questions (and more!):

  • Whom do you train on workplace safety issues?
  • How challenging is it to provide meaningful training that “sticks”?
  • What methods are used to deliver safety training, and is it hard to find good training materials?
  • Do you have any programs that provide incentives for safe performance?

Watch our webinar today and see what we found!