Taking Action: Systemic Violence & Employer Preparedness

Complimentary on-Demand Webcast: Taking Action: Systemic Violence & Employer Preparedness
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Smart organizations are moving rapidly to address the growing fear in employment settings about violence at work.

Such fears are driven by the unpredictable nature of shootings, bombings, threats and persistent, escalating acts of aggression.

But this webcast isn’t about fear or scary statistics; it’s about preparedness and planning—it’s about empowering your employees with tools to stay safe and mitigate risk.

This webcast will cover topics ranging from employer responsibility for emergency action planning, current best practices related to training, identifying risk in employment settings, and prevention & de-escalation strategies regarding workplace violence.

You’ll also learn how to connect the topic of violence with management and how it fits with your safety program.

Registrants also receive no-cost access to Vivid’s online Active Shooter Response course and automatic 10% discount on our Workplace Violence Training Package of courses, which include:

  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Emergency Response
  • Basic First Aid
  • Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace

This webcast is for any safety professional searching for a clear path forward to proactively addressing outbreaks of violence and the organizational response.

Counter the fear with preparedness, awareness, and by planning for action.

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Your Speaker:

Jill James, Chief Safety Officer with Vivid Learning Systems.

As a Chief Safety Officer, Jill is a resource for clients struggling with the challenges of safety training, from improving accountability and efficiency, or identifying the right mix of courses for your workforce, to custom training design and professional coaching.