Tackling the Evolution of Your EHS Program: A Live 1-on-1 with a Safety Director

Free Webinar: Tackling the Evolution of Your EHS Program: A Live 1-on-1 with a Safety Director

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When seasoned EHS professional Billy Powell joined his current company four years ago, he had a lot of work to do to improve its EHS program. A “hands-off” safety culture and a lack of structure was resulting in poor safety performance, including a total recordable incident rate (TRIR) of 1.59.

After a strategic approach that included implementing the right software tools, effectively managing change within the organizational safety culture, and the proper recording and analysis of leading and lagging indicators, Billy’s efforts paid off. Four years later, Smith & Nephew, a global medical technology company with over 15,000 employees and a presence in over 100 countries, now has a TRIR of 0.25—and has earned an EHS Daily Advisor Safety Standout Award for Exceptional Progress.

As an EHS professional, what can you do to similarly evolve and improve your safety program? We’re going straight to the source to find out!

Join our live conversation, sponsored by Intelex, with Billy Powell, Smith and Nephew’s EHS US Regional Director, and you’ll gain real-world insight into some of the toughest challenges facing EHS teams and their organizations. Over the course of this wide-ranging talk, you and your team will gain key insights into how to:

  • Recognize when and where things are going wrong with your EHS program
  • Conceive and develop a structured process to drive a successful turnaround
  • Build a gatekeeping system that can help you effectively control incident management, recordkeeping, and regulatory compliance in both the safety and environmental arenas
  • Secure buy-in for your new ideas, initiatives, and tools from key stakeholders, from the frontline employee to the upper managers who control your budget

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