The Power of Data for EHS Managers

Free Webinar: The Power of Data for EHS Managers


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The discipline for environment, health, and safety requires the professional to collect data to measure success and identify next steps. The data can be overwhelming, but it can be incredibly useful. Often times safety pros are drowning in data they think they need to collect, but ultimately do not fully leverage because their system – or lack thereof – to analyze it is disorganized.

Join us on October 9th for a free webinar with safety expert Abby Ferri, as she discusses how to identify data that is meaningful to your organization, as well as strategies to track/trend in real time for best results.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify data that should be collected to supplement the typical data collected by an EHS pro
  • Implement strategies and tolls that can be used to analyze data more effectively
  • Identify ways to leverage EHS data for reinforcing good results and challenging stakeholders to improve continuously

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