Tricky HazCom Questions Answered: 10 Challenging Issues under New Rules Resolved

Free On-Demand Webinar- Tricky HazCom Questions Answered: 10 Challenging Issues under New Rules Resolved 

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While June 1, 2016 marked the date on which full implementation of HazCom’s alignment with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) went into effect, it’s clear that safety managers for companies acting as manufacturers, distributors, and end-users continue to questions about the details of the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) revisions.

Watch this on-demand webinar as we reveal answers to 10 of the most challenging HazCom-compliance-related questions.

Adele Abrams, a skilled OSHA attorney, has identified several tricky areas of HazCom compliance that can trip up even the most seasoned safety managers and she’ll share her insights into how to correctly answer those questions once and for all.

You’ll learn:

  • What are the major changes to the HazCom standard in light of the GHS update?
  • How has the chemical hazard evaluation changed and what’s the latest with OSHA’s “Weight of Evidence” guidance for manufacturers and distributors?
  • What really needs to be covered in employee retraining on the GHS HazCom standard … and how should this training be documented?
  • How do the HMIS and NFPA labeling systems interface with OSHA’s GHS HazCom requirements for SDSs and labels?
  • How do we deal with labeling for unique containers, such as pipes that hold hazardous chemicals, tanks, drums, rail cars, and very small packages?
  • How should employers interpret hazards when a product has multiple, potentially conflicting, pictograms and precautionary statements on its SDS or label?
  • Can we rely on electronic transmission of SDSs for our workplace, or will hard copies be required?
  • The UN continues to revise the GHS system … is my OSHA training already obsolete and will the agency be revising the standard again any time soon?
  • And much more!

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