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Safety Summit 2019: Highlights from Our Latest Gathering of Safety Professionals

Safety Summit 2019 brought safety professionals from across the nation to Austin, Texas, where they experienced inspiring keynotes, critical updates on OSHA enforcement priorities and regulatory developments, and preconference workshops and educational sessions covering subjects from safety training to joint employer obligations to new approaches to behavior-based safety.

Supply Chains and Sustainability: How Companies Are Managing Contractor and Subcontractor Risk in the Real World

In the survey, we examined how companies are managing the safety risks that naturally occur in supply chains consisting of multiple contractors and vendors. From the number of contractors typically employed to fines or citations resulting from supply chain safety incidents to the processes employed to vet and audit contractors, the research provides a snapshot of how organizations are seeking to minimize their risk in an increasingly complex business environment.

EHS Data Reporting Trends: Changing The Way We Control Data

Every year we speak with thousands of EHS professionals on their current health and safety challenges. Through these conversations, we’ve found that on average EHS professionals will spend 20% of their week on administrative tasks including manual reporting and duplicating content across multiple systems. Manual processes all but guarantee to provide inaccurate data and reports.

Driving Business Value with that Thing Called Compliance

Compliance is critical to every organization and as an EHS professional, you play an important part. But EHS excellence now encompasses much more than just compliance alone. Today’s EHS leaders are expected to deliver business value across the organization, all while trying to keep up with the latest regulatory changes.

Impairment or Under the Influence: Legal Drug Use in the Workplace

Impairment or Under the Influence: Legal Drug Use in the Workplace  Sponsored by  Add this event to your calendar As more states legalize traditionally illegal substances, some people may question why employees’ use of a “legal” substance should be monitored. Being “under the influence” may seem the same as being “impaired,” but understanding the difference between these two key terms can greatly impact […]

Solutions to Employee Engaged Safety

Solutions to Employee Engaged Safety Tuesday, April 16th at 2pm ET Sponsored by   Fully invested and engaged employees play a critical role in ensuring not only the safety of themselves but the safety of those around them as well as the company they work for. This is why organizations are continuously seeking better ways […]

Effective Strategies for Fall Protection

Slips, trips, and falls from the same surface and elevated surfaces are some of the leading causes of death, lost workdays, and restricted work activities for workers in both construction and general industry.

Strategies to Manage Stress in Your Workplace

Strategies to Manage Stress in Your Workplace Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 2pm ET Sponsored by: Mental health is among the most prevalent factors impacting the workplace in today’s business environment, and supply chains aren’t immune. Every year, on a global scale, about 1 trillion US dollars is incurred in lost productivity due to depression and anxiety. […]

Building and Implementing an FR/AR Program for the Arc Flash Hazard

Building and Implementing an FR/AR Program for the Arc Flash Hazard March 20, 2019 at 2pm ET Sponsored by: The proper selection of PPE is very important—especially for those with a demonstrated arc flash hazard. This free webinar will guide you through the proper selection, use, care and maintenance of FR/AR garments to protect against arc […]

What you need to know about Flammable and Combustible Dust Safety

What You Need to Know About Combustible Dust Safety Thursday, March 14, 2019 at 2pm ET Sponsored by: According to the Chemical Safety Board, between 2006 and 2017, 111 combustible dust incidents resulted in 66 worker deaths and 337 injuries in the United States. Do your employees know what a hazardous level of combustible dust is? […]