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Medical Marijuana & Safety: Do You Know the Ropes?

By the end of 2018, 33 states and DC had legalized medical marijuana use for qualifying patients, resulting in many employers now having workers who use it for a variety of conditions, some of which are protected under the ADA. OSHA also entered the compliance mix, releasing its new policy on drug testing of injured workers.

Don’t Experiment With Your Safety: Choosing The Right Lab Coat

Lab coats have been used for decades, but they have typically been made from polyester or polyester/cotton blends with the primary purpose being to keep foreign materials off of the clothing worn under the coat. However, due to the increase in awareness to the number of accidents and injuries related to fire and clothing ignition the use of FR lab coats in research and commercial labs has become increasingly important component to lab safety.

Tackling the Evolution of Your EHS Program: A Live 1-on-1 with a Safety Director

When seasoned EHS professional Billy Powell joined his current company four years ago, he had a lot of work to do to improve its EHS program. A “hands-off” safety culture and a lack of structure was resulting in poor safety performance, including a total recordable incident rate (TRIR) of 1.59.

OSHA in 2019: Enforcement, Rulemaking & Legislation

Despite the commencement of the Trump Administration in 2017, changes at OSHA have slow to arrive, but that may not be the case in 2019. There are changes being made to enforcement priorities (including reinstatement of the site-specific targeting), new emphasis programs, and action on the 2018 agenda that includes several small business panels.

Health & Safety in the Workplace

Is Health and Safety fully integrated throughout your organization? Where does your organization sit on the Health and Safety culture ladder? Does your company view Health and Safety as an enabler or an overhead?

How Safety Culture Drives Operational Excellence in the Real World

Free Webinar: How Safety Culture Drives Operational Excellence in the Real World Your sponsors: The results from the Realizing Operational Excellence Through Safety Culture and Leadership survey, sponsored by Sphera, are in—and we’re sharing the insights with you in this free webcast! Join our free webcast to gain the following key takeaways that can help […]

ISO 45001 Essentials: Strategies for Risk Assessment and Safety Performance Improvement

ISO 45001 is a new global standard for safety management systems that can guide the safety professional as they create and implement systems for worker safety. The new standards provide an opportunity for organizations of all sizes and in all industries to achieve their strategic goals while integrating safety management company-wide and limiting organizational risk.