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Innovations in Hand Protection: Fit and Function Go Hand in Hand

Hand protection is a part of a holistic safety program that utilizes risk management controls to minimize worker injury. While management practices and controls have improved, there are still tasks that will require the workers’ hands to be protected by PPE.

There are several performance standards related to hand protection that a buyer should be aware of to make the best purchasing decision. Fit and style have been innovated over the years and should be considered to ensure workers comply with your organization’s hand protection program.

2020 Trends for EHS

As we enter the new year, what safety, health, and environmental initiatives will come to fruition or be launched by OSHA and EPA? How will Congress act to address pending legislation covering EHS issues from workplace violence to heat stress, OSHA reform to funding initiatives? What changes are on the horizon for OSHA rules covering hazard communication, forklifts, walking working surfaces, and others? How will President Trump’s executive orders affect EHS operations? Will there be a final deregulatory push before the elections?

Managing Respiratory Protection Programs: Letting the Standard Work for You

If your workers are potentially exposed to airborne hazards, or you are a First Responder Training Officer, you need to ensure your organization complies with the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard.

OSHA’s respiratory protection requirements are extensive, and they can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned safety professionals. From procedures for respirator use to fit testing to employee training, the complex rules for developing a sound respiratory protection program can be daunting. On top of these concerns, every industry—such as healthcare, general industry, construction, and emergency response—has their own unique concerns and needs. Confusion is not a defense for noncompliance, however, and following the regulations and industry best practices is vital for companies that want to protect their workers and their bottom lines.