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Job Safety Gives Small Businesses a Recruiting Advantage

Competition for top talent is tough in today’s marketplace. And with the U.S. unemployment rate hovering at 4.4%, it can be hard for small companies to find individuals to fill open positions. Now, a new survey of small-business employees finds that the safety of the work environment was among top factors for employees considering a […]


What Does Wetlands Mitigation Cost?

If you are involved in a wetlands enforcement case, the terms of the settlement agreement will outline how much you have to spend on compensatory mitigation projects. You may also be required to perform mitigation as part of a project that could potentially adversely impact wetlands. Let’s take a look at some ways that can […]


Wetlands Mitigation—a Costly Step in Development or Enforcement

Yesterday we reviewed a case in which the defendant in a wetlands settlement was required to perform compensatory mitigation projects. The cost of the wetlands mitigation was more than twice the amount of the civil penalty the defendant incurred. What is involved should you find yourself required to perform a wetlands compensatory mitigation project, either […]


Do You Need an EHS Management System?

Historically, military forces have struggled when they were too far removed from their supply lines—delivery of supplies became less reliable and easier to disrupt, and armies could find themselves on their own without support if they moved too far afield. In the new, global economy, businesses are discovering that their far-flung supply chains pose similar […]


Managing Fatigue: Create a Fatigue Risk Management Plan

In 2016, leaked documents from the airline Fly Dubai revealed that pilots for the airline were angry about the hours they were being asked to work. They felt that they were being pushed too hard and that the resulting fatigue was putting them and their passengers at risk.


5 Signs That Management Isn’t Aligned with Your Safety Culture

If you’re working hard on developing a strong safety culture in your workplace but still can’t see any results, there are a few tell-tale signs that the failure of your efforts is caused by external factors. Consider if the management exhibits any of the behaviors noted below before you give up on your efforts.


How Tired Is Too Tired? Gauging Fatigue with a Fatigue/Risk Index

On July 27, 2017, tractor-trailer driver William Jones was traveling eastbound on I-70 through Putnam County, Indiana, when he lost control of his truck, crossed the median and westbound traffic lanes, left the roadway, struck some trees, and rolled the tractor-trailer. Jones was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. Investigators at the scene believe that Jones fell […]