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The Makings of the EHS Leader of Tomorrow

In this whitepaper, Origami Risk explores the question “What contributes to the success of EHS professionals as they strive to advance safety culture and improve workplace safety?” Based on the primary interviews, secondary research, and the results of Origami’s EHS maturity assessment, we help EHS professionals get a glimpse into: Common challenges EHS professionals must […]

Moving the Needle: Employee Upskilling in the Modern Workforce

In our “Moving the Needle: Employee Upskilling in the Modern Workforce” report, nearly 400 executives, directors, managers, and professionals from the human resources and environmental health and safety (EHS) industries responded during March 2022 and weighed in on the presence of upskilling and training programs in their workplace. With this closer look, we aim to […]

Conducting a Successful Hazard Analysis

A hazard analysis employs various techniques to identify possible job or task-related risks before they occur. It involves analyzing every stakeholder or component for a particular task – the workers, the machines or tools, the working environment, and the task itself. The core objective of this practice is not just identifying existing hazards, but also […]

Ready, Set, Go: Are You Leading the ESG Reporting Race?

Ready, Set, Go: Are You Leading the ESG Reporting Race? is a survey from SAI360 and EHS Daily Advisor that was launched in November 2021. It gathered the insight of 352 environment, health, and safety (EHS) professionals globally about how organizations perceive ESG and sustainability, where they stand on implementing these efforts, and what their […]

State of Safety and Beyond

The State of Safety and Beyond Survey gathered the insight of 314 environment, health, and safety (EHS) professionals about how their organizations are dealing with current safety challenges and what they’re expecting in the future. These concerns run the gamut from the very real threat of COVID-19 to perennial issues such as training, leadership, safety […]

Your First Line of Defense

While we hope that fire extinguishers never have to be used, they still need to be inspected and maintained to ensure they are working properly in case an emergency occurs. In the Sure-Fire Guide to Fire Extinguisher Inspections, you will: Learn how often fire extinguishers should be inspected. Get a paper copy of KPA’s Monthly […]

Safety Management Systems: Building a Foundation on Data

Industry standards help set the foundation for a safety management system (SMS) that protects workers, but data gathering is the engine that drives it. The Intelex Insight Report “Safety Management Systems: Building a Foundation on Data,” explains what resources are available to help you create a system and identifies key SMS data-gathering components needed. Learn […]

Employee and Occupational Health Recordkeeping Systems

Using the right tool to complete a task or project makes all the difference. For example, contractors wouldn’t use a drill to push in a nail, they’d use a hammer. The same holds true when it comes to general medical record documentation vs employee and occupational health recordkeeping. General healthcare practitioners focus their work on […]

As Occupational Head Injuries Continue to Rise Safety Managers Are Turning to a Logical Advancement in Head Protection

Head protection has come a long way since the day of the “Hard-Boiled Hat” in the early 1920s. While significant advancements have been made over the past 100 years, the reality is that today’s job site requires multi-faceted protection designed to help protect workers from head injuries related to dropped objects as well as minor […]

Buyer’s Guide to EHS Software: Recalibrating to Meet the Moment

This is your definitive guide to making an EHS & Sustainability technology choice – the key to a safer, healthier and more sustainable workplace for employees, contractors, communities and the planet. EHS and Sustainability (EHS&S) management was once a siloed function – full of gaps with zero visibility and only seen as a cost-center – […]