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Harnessing AI to Revolutionize Workplace Safety

In an era dominated by technological advancements, artificial intelligence (AI) is set to transform how workplace safety is managed. Currently, a workplace injury occurs every six seconds and every 1.8 hours, a life is tragically lost due to workplace accidents. Despite these alarming statistics, the procedures for monitoring and reporting on workplace safety remain archaic, […]

Learning from Workplace Incidents: Insights for EHS Professionals

In the realm of environment, health, and safety (EHS), workplace incidents serve as invaluable learning opportunities. Every incident, whether minor or major, provides EHS professionals with insights into potential hazards, organizational weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. By analyzing and understanding the root causes of incidents, EHS professionals can implement proactive measures to prevent future occurrences, […]

EHSDA Shorts: What Health and Safety Pros Can Learn from Sports Leaders

In this episode of EHSDA Shorts, Lawrence Waterman, OBE, Founding Partner, Park Health, explains what the two types of sports leaders are and what can health and safety professionals learn from them. This clip was taken from a webinar titled “Safety Leadership Lessons of the Sports Legends.” The full session is available for FREE on-demand […]

The Best Compliance Software for Managing Contractors

High-hazard industries constantly evolve, from increasingly stringent regulations to shortened deadlines for completing projects. However, the importance of contractor compliance will always remain constant. This becomes increasingly challenging, though, as companies expand their workforce and undertake more projects. Eventually, the task becomes highly problematic without the best compliance software. A proper compliance management solution is […]

EHS Technology Week 2024: A Review

As EHS Daily Advisor’s EHS Technology Week wraps up, let’s recap the various content offerings that became available throughout the week. A special thanks to Appruv, Avetta, Cority, Evotix, Examinetics, Industrial Scientific, Intelex, KPA, MSA, and SafetyIQ for sponsoring. Monday Back to Basics: The Risks of Exposure to Nanotechnology Back to Basics is a weekly feature that […]

Looking Ahead to EHS Technology Week 2024

Join us April 15-19 for a full week of online events and digital resources around EHS technology. Register for events today. Learn how to incorporate technological tools and systems to keep your organization safe and up-to-date on all technological trends. Monday, April 15 Educational Session |  Panel Discussion: Using Technology to Prevent and Address Musculoskeletal Disorders Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 […]