Best Practice White Papers

Never Miss a Safety Deadline Again

Fool-proof your calendar with all the recurring tasks you need to accomplish throughout the year. This eBook covers: How to set yourself up for success with safety deadlines Key steps to organizing your safety calendar Recurring deadlines to be aware of on an annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily schedule Download eBook!

10 Tactics to Improve Your Safety Culture

Here’s a business case that’s hard to ignore. Did you know that strong corporate safety cultures support efforts by companies to be more profitable and achieve a better market share in the long run? That’s because weak or non-existent cultures of safety result in workplace accident cost increases, medical expenses, workers’ compensation payments, legal fines, […]

Pipeline Construction: 10 Best Practices to Promote Safety

Pipelines are the lifelines of modern infrastructure, facilitating the seamless transport of vital gases, fluids, and materials across vast distances. Yet, the journey of pipeline construction is fraught with challenges, from navigating rugged terrains to managing extreme pressures. To ensure the safety of both workers and surrounding communities, operators must adhere to rigorous best practices […]

How to Future Proof Your Safety Program

There are new strategies to enhance your safety program’s resilience against future challenges. Many industry leaders are implementing forward-thinking practices and leveraging predictive safety to prevent incidents before they occur. In fact: A predictive safety strategy can lead to a 20% increase in proactive safety interventions and a 15% reduction in near misses. Discover in […]

OSHA Top 10: How to Avoid the Most Frequently Cited Violations

OSHA citations. They’re rampant, hide in plain sight, and can have dire consequences for your people and your bottom line. Is your organization doing enough to avoid the most common OSHA violations? Don’t let your employees or your organization become statistics. This eBook contains: Explanations of each hazard Warning signs to look out for Prevention […]

2024 ESG Toolkit

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles are no longer just buzzwords; they’rethe bedrock of responsible business in the 21st century. As businesses worldwide grapple with their impact on the planet, people, and policies, ESG emerges as a compass guiding them towards sustainability and success. Why ESG Matters: ESG is more than a trend; it’s a […]

Securing Leadership Buy-In for Safety Management

Unlock Leadership Support for Safety Software:   69% of Safety Professionals reported their 2023 focus was engaging leaders in workplace health and safety. Discover valuable strategies in our White paper: Demystifying the Procurement Process Building a Compelling Business Case Gaining Stakeholder Support Overcoming Resistance and Implementing successfully Download our FREE eBook and discover a proven approach to securing […]

Safety Management Systems: Building a Foundation on Data

Industry standards help set the foundation for a safety management system (SMS) that protects workers, but data gathering is the engine that drives it. The Intelex Insight Report “Safety Management Systems: Building a Foundation on Data,” explains what resources are available to help you create a system and identifies key SMS data-gathering components needed. Learn […]

OSHA Record Keeping and Reporting Cheat Sheet

Use this OSHA Record Keeping and Reporting Cheat Sheet to navigate the complexities of OSHA reporting. This eBook covers: Record keeping best practices and exemptions Recordable injuries and illnesses vs. reportable injuries and illnesses When and how to report events OSHA Form 300, OSHA Form 300 A, and electronic record submission Download Now!

7 Signs Your Subcontractor is in Financial Distress

In today’s business landscape, financial stability is paramount. Did you realize that contractor financial risk accounts for nearly half of all risk events? Moreover, an astounding 55% of organizations identify contractors’ insolvency as a prime financial concern originating from the supply chain. Financial stress has far-reaching implications, with 80% of employers revealing that it adversely […]